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Path More Travelled

About Me

Kathryn SaraKathryn Sara

Hi, I’m Kathy.

Originally from Adelaide, Australia – now from all over the world.

I am addicted to fitness and travel. I have been a sprinter since I was 6 years old and have even competed in international events where my passion for travelling began. By the age of 22, I have managed to make my way to 14 different countries and I have my sights set on a lot more.

In 2015 my partner and I set out on the biggest trip of our lives. We spent a year in a caravan driving through every state and territory of Australia. This is when we decided to travel full-time. I love making self-guided itineraries and sharing them with the world.

This blog is about documenting the paths I’ve travelled, creating a conversation about the paths you have travelled, and creating the path more travelled. Follow along different paths as I add more locations. Feel free to use these maps starting at any destination, go forwards or backwards, and even form another path and join back at any point.

Australian Parliament House

Me at Australian Parliament House

I want to share my experiences with the world not just for entertainment, but also so people can use it as a guide to plan their own adventures and learn from my mistakes and successes. Let me know what some of your travel goals are too. Here are some of mine:

My Bucket List

Go overseas (Cambodia 2012)
Visit all 7 continents
Visit 50 countries
Visit 100+ countries
Fly in a helicopter
Learn another language fluently
Visit the 7 natural wonders of the world:
– Mount Everest
– Victoria Falls
– Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef (Australia 2016)
– Northern Lights
– Paricutin Volcano
– Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
See the Southern Lights
See the Taj Mahal
Walk the Great Wall of China
Visit Machu Picchu
Have a white Christmas
Volunteer overseas (Cambodia 2012)
Volunteer with animals
Teach overseas
Skydive (Australia 2015)
Go white water rafting (Austria 2014)
Interrail through Europe
Travel from North America to South America via road
Trip to Antarctica to see the penguins
Do an Around the World trip
Trek through the Himalayas
Caravan around Australia for a year (Australia 2016)
Run in a Marathon
Live in another country for 6 months
Climb an active volcano
Eat a hot dog in Central Park
Visit the Amazon
Explore Angkor Wat Temple
Go on a safari in Africa

Countries I’ve Travelled

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Currently in Australia

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