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Spirit of Tasmania Review

Kathryn SaraKathryn Sara

The Spirit of Tasmania is a large ferry that travels between Melbourne (mainland Australia) and Devonport (Tasmania). The Spirit of Tasmania accepts all kinds of vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes, cars, motorbikes, and trailers.

On the 25th of February 2017, my partner and I went to Tasmania via the Spirt of Tasmania. This 9-hour ferry ride is relaxing and relatively affordable. I looked into the difference in prices and accessibility and this is what I found:

Cost Comparison

Originally, I was going to fly to Tasmania and rent a car from the Hobart Airport. After a little research, I quickly realised this was going to cost a lot of money. After further research, I decided to drive my car from Adelaide to Melbourne and hop on the Spirt of Tasmania with our car which was going to save us heaps of money and it was more convenient.

Flights and Hire Car to Hobart

Cost as of March 2017 for 3 weeks:
Cheapest car hire from Hobart Airport: $571 per car
Cheapest flights from Adelaide return from Hobart: $475 per person = $950 for two
Total Price: $1521 for 2 people and 1 car

Spirit of Tasmania

Cost as of March 2017 for 3 weeks:
Drive from Adelaide to Melbourne: $111 per car
Drive from Melbourne to Adelaide: $111 per car
Spirit of Tasmania return: $676 for 2 people and 1 car
Total Price: $898 for 2 people and 1 car

As you can see we saved over $600 just getting there and back, not to mention that we travelled from Adelaide which is about 8 hours west of Melbourne. By travelling on the Spirt of Tasmania we were about to do a road trip across Victoria (who doesn’t love a trip to the Grampians?) and we were able to have our car which meant we could pack as much as we liked. This also meant we could have our car in Tasmania, making for the ultimate Tassie road trip.

Melbourne sunrise

View from the Spirit of Tasmania

Melbourne to Devonport

We boarded ourselves onto the ferry at the Melbourne Terminal, located in Port Melbourne. Getting onto the ferry was extremely easy, all we had to do was drive our car onto the ferry, park it, and then find our seats. The ferry left Melbourne at 9 am and arrived in Devonport at 6 pm.

We book ourselves into the recliner chair lounge which only cost us an extra $20. The ferry ride was peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable. I spent the whole time either sleeping, reading, or working on this blog post.

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Devonport to Melbourne

Well, this is the end of our Tasmania trip which is sad but we are heading to Melbourne which is exciting. Boarding the ferry at the Devonport Terminal was super easy and finding a seat was easy too.

We didn’t get to book into the recliner chair lounge on our ferry ride back as it was all booked out. We made our way up to the top of the ship (level 10) to the Deck Lounge and got great deck chairs and it was as comfortable at the recliner chairs. Make sure to board the ferry early (we were literally the first people on board) to secure good seats.

Mount Amos Summit

A sneaky picture of Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Note: I have heard from other travellers that the Spirt of Tasmania can become quite pricey when travelling with a campervan or caravan. Look into the prices and compare them with flights and car hire to see if it is worth it.

I recommend to Spirt of Tasmania to anymore wishing to drive around Tasmania. It’s easy, affordable and convenient to have all your own stuff in one car. If you are short on time, book the overnight ferry or perhaps the best form of transport is not the Spirit of Tasmania. Either way, you will end up in Tasmania (or mainland Australia), and that is the important thing.

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